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In today’s job market, employers are actively seeking candidates with more than just a suitable skill set. More than three-quarters of hiring managers have said a candidate’s personality matters just as much as their professional experiences. The harsh reality of the recruitment process is that you have two sides of paper to prove that you are not only equipped for the job, but you’re the right cultural fit for the business. Bearing this in mind, this blog will aim to give you tips on dazzling hiring managers with your CV by effectively writing about your key character traits.

#1 Providing Concrete Examples

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing their CV is not providing evidence. An important way to show off your character traits in a CV is linking them to your professional experience. If you state that you’re an organised individual be sure to link it to your previous experience and how it can positively impact the business you’re applying for. You need to ask yourself, what can I bring to this business I’m applying for?

#2 How does your CV look?

You need to think about how your CV can create a first impression, before you send it with your application you need to triple check it, otherwise you could put yourself at a disadvantage! If your CV is formatted poorly, disorganised or uses inconsistent font size/style, recruiters may think this is a reflection of you and your attention to detail. Take your time and get it right! If you state you’re an organised or meticulous individual, what does a poorly constructed CV say about you? Interestingly, recruiters will spend, on average, six seconds viewing your CV, if they see silly mistakes they won’t waste their time reading through it!

#3 Talk about your character traits

For a recruiter to understand you as a person, openly talk about yourself. Apply yourself and your key character traits to your future. For example, ‘I hope to progress into a Senior role where I can use my team building skills and my ability to communicate across all levels in order to manage and motivate a productive team’. Think carefully about who you are and what you bring and then back it up with solid examples of your previous relevant experience. Give recruiters something original to engage with. Here are the top five personality traits employers hire most.

#4 Social Networking

When you’re job searching, you have to assume that recruiters or hiring managers will scan your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.). I shouldn’t have to tell you to clean up your social media profiles, removing anything you don’t want them to see. It’s always worth double-checking your privacy settings to ensure you’re only letting viewers look at the content you want them too. No-one needs to see that provocative fancy dress outfit, you donned at Uni!

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#5 Don’t be afraid to highlight what makes you different

Some employers will like the fact you highlight your volunteering experience, it demonstrates you as an active member in your community, which suggests the fact you’re a well-balanced individual. If you have a penchant for a cold glass of Gavi or enjoy kicking some butt Jujitsu style at the weekend, let it be known!

The interviewer wants to be able to get a flavor for the type of person you are. The more interesting the better!

#6 Style yourself

Overall, you need to find the correct balance when presenting your personality traits on your CV. For example, in Secretarial based work, it would be positive to see statements such as “Support work focused”, “highly articulate” and “Hungry for new, high growth opportunities” these are the sort of phrases that recruiters would be looking out for.

If you want to add your personality to your CV, make sure you’re adapting yourself to the company’s culture. If the team is young and vibrant, your CV may be tailored differently to a CV that you send to a professional services business. Scanning through company’s social media content is an excellent way to find this out, looking at their style of writing and mimic it in your CV, can help to create a great synergy.

One of the most memorable CV’s I have read, painted me a story of the candidates romance with competitive piano and of his devotion to their two beloved cats, Clicquot and Merlot. The difference is in the detail.

Cecil Beaton said it best; Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

Although bringing yourself to life over paper is no easy feat, it’s certainly worth the trouble!

Good luck with your job search!

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