Seekhr is part of the 11 Investments Group

11 Investments is a group of recruitment companies committed to building a respectful recruitment environment where everybody thrives in a collaborative, social and inclusive workplace. Our recruiters reap the shared rewards of collaborative success and enjoy it every step of the way.

Our future sees us facilitating incredible things from incredible people, enabling ambitious individuals to and our communities to prosper within a caring safety net of guidance and support.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values

Be kind

We really care, understand and empathise with everyone’s unique situation.

Love what you do

Our enthusiasm is infectious! We work hard for our customers; we’re happiest when we’ve helped you to reach your goal.

Have ambition

We want to provide the best customer service, the best recruitment processes and the best outcome for your business and career.

Show respect

We pride ourselves on our integrity; our advice is based on what we truly believe is best for you.

What Makes us, us

The Best Experience

We’re creating the best experience for our team. A high-performance culture where enjoyment and amazing experiences are fundamental to our success – all built on foundations of support, collaboration and ambition.

Retention Means Results

We understand that in order to get the best out of people patience, support, and guidance are key. That’s why we’re proud to focus on training, retaining, and investing in the incredible team we’ve created at 11 Investments.

Genuine Long-Term Intentions

We're dedicated to what we’re building. Motivated by seeing how magnificent we can help each other become and how success can make a meaningful, positive impact on so many people.

Rewards Tailored to you

Whilst we’re all striving for success, we understand that everybody is unique and has different drivers. Want to save to buy a house, build a family or run you own business? We’ll help you get there. 

No Competition, Only Collaboration

Each of our sister businesses are boutique in their own right, but that is where the individuality stops. We work as a team, drawing on everyone’s resources, skills, and experiences. Whether it’s the shared rewards or simply the office vibe, we’re creating a cohesive unit, working together towards our goals.  

Learning & Development

We have a dedicated Learning & Development department and every employee has the opportunity to progress and grow within the company through regular, hands-on training.

Flexible working at Seekhr

Flexa has certified 11 Investments a flexible place to work and a FlexScore of 83%.

What does this mean? We enjoy the benefits of hybrid working and all it has to offer us, and we promote a flexible working approach for all.

Flexa Careers verify every company they certify against two different indices, which includes current employee feedback, to ensure only the best places to work are featured on Flexa.