The Trending Employee Benefits that Differentiate the Average from the Exceptional!

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With the likes of Google and Virgin placing such a firm emphasis on employee benefits, many organisations in recent years have also jumped on this phenomenon, going beyond the typical pension perks or healthcare benefits. In fact, Glassdoor has revealed more than a third of employees admit benefits are amongst their top consideration before accepting a new job.  

The better the perk, the more candidates come queuing at your door, so with this in mind, here are some of the trending employee benefits to hit 2019!

  1. Flexibility

Despite this not being a recent craze, it’s aggressive demand still makes it top of the list. In such a dynamic world of today, more and more people are looking for flexibility in when and where they work. Not only does this benefit the employee, but it also benefits the company. Those that offer telecommuting and a work-life balance are said to make teams more productive and successful.

And the evidence speaks for itself! The Chinese travel site Ctrip gave call centre employees the option to work from home for nine months. The results were astonishing: Employees who worked from home finished 13.5% more calls than colleagues back at the office.

It’s time to switch it up from the bleak, traditional mechanism of a 9-5 office environment, and incorporate a new, modern way to work.

  1. Onsite wellness programmes

The awareness of mental health rippled through 2018, and alongside the fact that 85% of UK adults experience stress on a regular basis, more companies are incorporating wellness programmes, alongside the typical healthcare benefits. Joining the gym is all well and good, but maintaining a healthy mind is just as significant.

Offering benefits that can help reduce and manage stress, anxiety or insecurity at the office can only have a positive impact on the workforce, such as the likes of increased productivity, reduced medical costs and lower absenteeism.  Such programmes include yoga classes, massages and meditation exercises along with wellness councillors available onsite during work hours.

Read here to find out more about mental health and the impact it can have on you.

  1. A Focus on Millennials

With each generation having its own values and expectations of the world, we pay particular attention to the growing Gen Z market – millennials want jobs where they can learn and grow. A recent study showed that a primary reason why people leave their jobs isn’t due to a horrible boss or a low wage, instead, role stagnation forces people to look elsewhere. The lack of career opportunities and development in an ever-growing competitive market will make employees discover something else that offers this, particularly with the advances of technology gradually taking more and more jobs away. Providing employees with the chance of a bonus or promotion with the relevant training will guarantee good retainment!

Something that is hot on the market and beginning to be implemented throughout organisations is a mortgage programme. With the housing market fluctuating, not helped by the uncertainty of Brexit, showcasing to younger people that you can help them get a foot on the property ladder at an early stage is a big plus.

Find out more about how to attract millennials to your company from our previous blog.

  1. Who Let the Dogs In?






A slow trend-setter, however applauded by many none the less, is having a dog-friendly office. Yes, there may be a few barks here and there, and yes, a couple ‘accidents’ may happen, but on the whole, dogs bring an exceptional excitement to the office, allowing all employees, even the cat lovers, to enjoy the unique inter-species dynamic!

What you can offer to employees is endless, and nothing can be too much. Here are just a few of the unusual employee benefits these global companies provide (prepare to be amazed!)

  • Huddle, a pioneering software company gives employees a ‘Huddle Cuddle’ to all new starters, which consists of a £5,000 joining bonus, as well as a gift worth £500 every year!
  • TransferWise, a financial provider, takes all staff members away on an annual, all expenses paid company holiday, and with the company having more than a 1000 employees, this is one expensive holiday!
  • AutoTrader has an exclusive wine club membership, giving employees discounted wine delivered to their door every month. This must make Dry January somewhat impossible!
  • Holiday Extras hires out a cinema every year, offering a free film showing to all employees and their families.
  • Allen and Overy, an international law firm, provide an onsite doctor and dentist, helping to keep employee’s health in tip-top condition.

Each of these trending perks is not only beneficial to the employee but have profound benefits for the company as well. Not only will you attract and retain the very best talent, but it also allows businesses to strengthen their corporate culture, creating a tight-knit, cohesive workforce.

Think of it this way – employees are the branches of a tree that makes a company grow. Demonstrate that you value people and they, in turn, will take care of your clients.


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