The art of time-keeping

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Time management is one of those issues we all face, but (ironically) feel like we don’t have the time to address. Pretty much everything you do in life requires you to manage your time well; effective time management gives you back control of your day.

In the world of business, time management is a key factor for your personal brand and in order to eliminate any stress or anxiety before that all-important job interview.


We have put together our top tips to improve your time management:


  • Plan your journey: It may sound obvious, but you need to plan every detail, from the walks to the tube and between tubes, if you’re getting more than one. If you’re getting the train or bus, always have a contingency plan up your sleeve in case there are any inevitable cancellations or delays. City Mapper will calculate this for you, door to door!


  • Don’t arrive too early or too late: You’ve got an interview at 9 am, don’t show up earlier than 15 minutes before you’re scheduled slot! If you’re more than 15 minutes early, you’re doing more harm than good to your chances. Not only can this result in a long wait for you which in some cases leads to increased nervousness and poor interview performance, but it’s also likely that you’re interrupting their work and being an annoyance. If you do arrive too early, go find somewhere you can get a coffee or a cheeky croissant beforehand. If you do eat, always remember to ‘check up from the neck up’ before you go in.


  • What to do if you’re running late: If you are running late, then get in contact with your agency or interviewer as soon as you can – call, text, email, etc. The first point of action would be to call them, this is the quickest way to get in contact. If there is no response, then leave a voicemail. Email or text message would be the next step if you got no response from a phone call. Always apologise.


So, there we have it, our top tips to ensure you’re never late again and how to react if you are ever delayed! Remember to prepare and plan beforehand, make sure you know the route!

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