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Some advice on how to be a tier 1 candidate in the eyes of your recruiter.

On average, recruiters will spend between 6 to 7 seconds on your CV. Therefore, you have an incredibly small window of opportunity to stand out. Making sure that you get your CV right will prove vital in such an incredibly competitive market where the expectation is considerably high.

Here are 6 tips you can implement in order to become a top candidate with your recruiter.

#1 Questions, lots of questions

In our experience, when speaking to candidates regarding a role, it can be quite concerning when going through lots of information and then for a candidate to say, “no, I think that covers it all”. It always leaves us a little bit sceptical. Asking questions, no matter how insignificant you think they are, demonstrates you are engaged and passionate about the role. Being proactive and asking questions will make you stand out and may give you access to more commercial scope than your competitors have.

#2 Value the time of the recruiter

Recruiters can sometimes get hundreds of applicants for one chosen role. Follow and complete all the steps that the recruiter has asked you to do. The recruiter won’t have time to chase you up for information such as your updated or amended CV. Recruiters put a lot of time and effort to arrange a meeting or an interview, therefore you will need to be honest and say if you won’t be able to make the agreed time. Recruiters get incredibly frustrated with candidates that don’t speak out and say they can’t make an interview. Communication is key!!

 #Numbers are your best friend

Recruiters love evidence. When you’re talking about your previous experience and how it can relate to the role, it’s worth mentioning that recruiters are on the look out for candidates who can demonstrate statistics and examples that suggest why they’re suitable for the role. Demonstrating how you impacted a business, this could be in terms of revenue, profit or even a new process to improve the firm’s strategy, will demonstrate your skills and illustrate the success you are hoping to emulate going forward.

Don’t be afraid of blowing your own trumpet! If you can’t sell yourself, who’s going to buy into you.

#Make your CV stand out

According to NetSources, 76% of CV’s get ignored due to an unprofessional email address, which is something that is easily avoided. The same goes for an unprofessional picture on LinkedIn and social media platforms. Having just one grammar or spelling mistake can make your CV fall to the bottom of the pile or worse, have it dismissed completely. Having a second opinion regarding your CV enables you to get constructive feedback and a fresh pair of eyes, which can prevent you from making that silly mistake! A good recruiter will help you to perfect it.

#5 Join the search

Naturally, recruiters will use sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter in order to find potential candidates. You need to make sure your profile is relevant to roles you’re applying for. Follow the businesses you have applied to on social media, as it will give you a great insight into the culture of the business and the background of the people they hire.

Take initiative! Go and do some independent research on the company – Look into the latest press releases and media updates on them, who are their competitors? Do they invest in CSR or Charity Partners? Going the extra mile will make your recruiter all the more confident you are the right person for the job, enabling them to sell you with more credibility to the client.

#Honesty is the best policy

Hiding the fact that you may not be interested in a role or have accepted something else is incredibly frustrating. Be honest and tell them! They may have an alternative role better suited to you.


Ultimately, you need to ask yourself; how badly do you want this job? If you think you’re not ready to go into your job search with 110% effort then what’s the point? Good Recruiters are there to support and guide you and should you find a good one, hold on to them as there is a good chance they will be able to support you several times throughout your career. Personally, there is nothing more rewarding than helping the same candidate in several searches for new roles over the years. You know them, trust them, can reference them personally, and have seen them develop and grow and have been part of that journey. And, in 99% of cases, you have formed a lasting and meaningful relationship. For me, this is what it’s all about.

If you need any further advice regarding becoming an excellent candidate then get in touch!


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