Six months. Fourteen placements. One award. And four thousand bags of crisps!

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6 Months ago, I embarked on a career change, which meant walking away from technical recruitment and my world in .Net Development. It was a tough decision to make but with my new Manager, Jordan, helping me through the change and keeping me sane, my gut was telling me it was the right choice.

I joined Executive Partnerships as a Consultant with a focus on supporting property and real estate investment firms with HR and secretarial recruitment.

I have to admit, this transition was made far smoother by the fact that I placed my first candidate within 6 weeks, not only did this take the pressure off proving my worth (I tend to be hard on myself), but it was also accompanied by a bottle of champagne and a dollop of kudos with my colleagues. Since then, I have placed numerous candidates across a variety of businesses from large FTSE 100 firms to small start-ups and boutique developers. I have loved becoming more knowledgeable in this space and adding commercial value to my client’s processes. Being privy to some of London’s most exciting commercial and residential projects is hugely fascinating!

Working at Executive Partnerships has enabled me to develop both my personal and professional skills and has given me the confidence to establish long term and lasting relationships with my clients. With the right training and guidance, I now throw myself into business development. Oh, how times have changed! Our team have constructed a ‘Half year market update’ containing a salary survey, general market trends and updates and research into the impact of Brexit on the secretarial and HR market. I am doing all I can to set myself aside from my competitors and provide a service that goes above and beyond.

Have I ever felt demotivated at Executive Partnerships? Yes, of course. We all know this isn’t an easy job. However, I undoubtedly find it easier to pick myself up. Executive Partnerships has completely changed my perception of company culture and has shown me that with the right support and guidance, I can achieve anything I set my stubborn mind on doing!

Earlier this year, we went white water rafting where the Olympics were held. Super serious stuff. At one point, I genuinely thought that I wasn’t making it back (me in the “special” yellow hat!). But, despite my initial fear, we had a ball. It was great fun and probably the best team building day I’ve been on.

Towards the end of July, we had our half year conference. To my utter shock, I was given the Director’s Consultant Choice award for my dedication and success. Throughout the day we did various team building exercises, featuring the spaghetti stick and marshmallow championships. The task was to build the highest tower possible (it’s harder than it sounds!). Despite the lack of any particularly high structure, it was definitely a great test of our creative aptitudes, leadership skills and ability to work together. In the evening, we had a box at Epsom racecourse and despite losing some money on the horses (I’m not a strategic gambler, I just pick the names I like,) the day was topped off by a great performance by the one and only, Boy George.

Over the past 6 months, not only have I learnt a lot about the property market and clients and candidates in this space, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself. The good, and the areas that need some improvement. With daily advice from my Manager, I know that I am becoming a better recruiter day by day. I look forward to the next milestone with Executive Partnerships and for the first time, am excited about what the future holds for my career!

Happy half anniversary to me!

Article from – Kayleigh Little, Recruitment Consultant, Executive Partnerships


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