Should you take a break to travel between jobs?

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The phone rings. It’s your recruiter. They’ve got news. You’ve got the job. Happy days! The previous incumbent doesn’t finish for a few weeks so you find yourself with the prospect of a couple of weeks to kill. Bliss.

Changing jobs can be a traumatic experience, especially if you were with your previous company for a prolonged period of time. With UK employees working the longest hours in Europe, it is estimated we spend as much as 70 percent of our waking lives at work and we see our colleagues more during the working week than we do our own families.

Do yourself a favour. Take a break!

Why taking extended breaks can lead to better productivity

#1. You deserve a fresh start

Imagine starting your new job straight away, without some deserved time off. Better still, book a holiday or go travelling to allow yourself time to relax.

Arriving at a new job with a refreshed mind-set and attitude will enable you to be more productive at work, which can give a great first impression to your new boss. Continuous time spent on tasks can set off strain reactions, such as stress, fatigue and a negative mind-set. This can drain focus and physical and emotional resources. The brain’s ability to stay focused may need replenishing, allowing yourself time off should help to make you more productive at work. Catch some rays, listen to a podcast, read a book. Take a holiday!

Before you say no… this article, by business insider, argues that you should wait at least 3 months into a new job before requesting to take time off. In essence, this might be the best opportunity you have for a while.

Give some thought to what you want to do differently in this new job. Are you going to try to wake up earlier and get to the gym a couple of days a week? Are you going to try to schedule a networking lunch outside of the office once a month? Use this time to establish a plan!

Continue to be proactive

#2. HR Housekeeping

Before joining your new job, you should try to accomplish introductory HR tasks. Sort out all the relevant paperwork ahead of time, so when you arrive day one you wouldn’t lose as much time doing the first-day type jobs. It’s also worth being proactive, request your business cards and technology (Laptop/computer) to be set up before you arrive. Find your team on LinkedIn and begin to connect and introduce yourself, being proactive will leave a great impression on your boss. The beauty is, all this can be done remotely, beachside even.

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#3. Take time to become up-to-date

Within your extended break, the time off will give you a fantastic opportunity to update your professional platforms with your new role at your new company. Most importantly, LinkedIn. Updating your LinkedIn with your new, exciting role will announce to your network that you’ve moved roles. Onwards and upwards!

Time off is a great opportunity research the new company further. When joining a new job, you’ll be expected to hit the ground running. If you spend as little time as possible learning the ropes it will give you a great first impression on your new boss. Begin to network with new colleagues, join relevant forums and engage with new formal training courses that could be useful. Initiative like this will get you extra brownie points!

Unsure on how to negotiate extended breaks? Read here for some great advice from Carinn Jade

#4. Reflect and plan

Time off from work will give you time to reflect on your previous position. You can set yourself achievable long-term career goals and it may give you a good opportunity to ask yourself where you want to be in the next 5/10 years. Think big picture!

Reflecting on your time in your previous position will help you to write up your experience on your LinkedIn profile and think about some key achievements – If you want more tips on creating a LinkedIn profile then read here.

In essence, don’t worry about being too relaxed during your break. Drink it all in. Relish every second of it. Then jump into your new gig with a smart outfit, fresh outlook, and happy heart.

We wish you the best of luck in your new job!


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