How to nail the interview mindset!

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Interviews are a nerve wracking-experience, knowing you’re being analysed whilst sat in front of potential your future boss is something that most of us find daunting. We all have questions that run through our minds during the interview. Here are some of the common questions that might crop up when you least want them to, and how to erase them from your mind.

#1 “Why didn’t I prepare this question?”

You can spend hours in the run-up to your interview, preparing all the possible interview questions that might be asked. But in reality, it’s difficult to anticipate what might arise. If you’re 110% prepared when heading into an interview, then have the confidence that you will deliver on the day. Interviewers are usually looking to test you and your ability to demonstrate your transferable qualities. Most interview questions will be tailored so they can delve into your skills and experiences in order to identify if you would be suitable for the role. If you find yourself struggling to answer this style of question, then think about your previous positions and how you can demonstrate a specific example of where you have used that skillset successfully before. These are called competency questions and you can find plenty of information online about how to prepare for them. Showing your employer how you took your old business from point A to point B will clearly illustrate how you will add value in this role.

#2 “Do I look acceptable?”

This is crucial and something that can really trouble you before and during an interview. Let’s be honest, have you ever been heading into an interview and been thinking, “is my fly down?” “is my dress too short?” or “does my tie look out of place?” If you are prone to brief panic prior to interviews, make sure you take extra care in your presentation and your confidence will follow. We know how much of an impact first impression have. Best practice would be to research the company thoroughly and you should get an idea as to the dress code. If you are unsure, ask your recruiter to find out for you. There’s nothing worse than turning up to an interview wearing a suit and tie when the rest of the office is keeping it casual in a pair of converses and jeans. On the flip side, being underdressed is just as bad. Make sure you get it right! Need more advice on dressing for success? Read here.

#3 “I have no idea how this interview is going…”

Sometimes, with a more stoic interviewer, you will have absolutely no idea how your interview is going. Though interviewers may rarely give hints to how your interview is going, more often than not they will keep a neutral demeanour and not give too much away until after the interview. Regardless as to whether the interview is a success, you can always ask for constructive feedback, which is an exceptionally useful going forward. Read here for more advice on closing an interview effectively.

#4 “I really hope they ask me this”

With all your preparation, I’m sure you’ve constructed the perfect answers to a couple of interviews questions already. If you feel that your prepared answers could be the difference between getting an offer and being rejected, then smoothly adapt the answers into a topic of conversation. However, don’t force the conversation in another direction entirely, keep it in context!

#Don’t Fall Into The Trap

Interviews are undoubtedly the scariest part of the recruitment process. In the end, hiring managers aren’t trying to trip you over your own feet, they’re simply trying to understand what skills and experiences you can bring to their team. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to anticipate questions before they arise. Listen. Breathe. Have confidence that conversation will flow.

Best of luck in your interview, you’ll nail it!


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