It’s what you don’t say…

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It’s finally the day of your job interview, you’ve picked out the dress to impress, practiced plenty of questions in front of the mirror and figured out your route in.

Before you’ve even sat down to begin, you have already made an initial first impression, according to the Business Insider. Your body language can say so much about you. The hiring manager with most likely judge how firm your handshake is, always a tell for confidence. There is nothing worse than a soggy handshake! For you to be fully focused and maximise your chance of succeeding in your job interview, we have explored 4 non-verbal forms of communication that are likely to be analysed by the interviewer.

What is body language?

Essentially, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Posture, gestures, movements or facial expressions can say a lot about us as individuals. In this 2012 TED Speech, Amy Cuddy explained the importance of body language and how it can shape what we say. Body language can help you get your point across, it can help you paint a picture and can assert yourself.

#1 Don’t have a staring competition!

While you might be listening attentively, hanging on to every word and soaking up every sentence, if you are not maintaining eye contact it may come across as one of three things, extremely distracted, extremely bored or extremely weak. If you’re the one doing the speaking, it can come across to the listener that you’d rather be somewhere else. Or maybe, you’re just a space cadet. When answering questions be sure to keep regular eye contact. This shows that you’re engaged and will allow you to build a stronger rapport with your interviewer. Doing this may even help you to stay focused, switched on and more able to answer questions more directly.

#2 Body Posture

To succeed in your job interview, it’s important to keep in mind the way you’re sat. Lounging or slouching in your chair can easily be construed as lazy or not bothered. Hiring managers are looking for passionate, professional and alert candidates, don’t let slumping hinder your chances. People typically lean into a conversation when they like someone, so leaning back can signal the opposite. Standing or sitting up straight sends a message of self-assuredness.

We all can agree that the interview process makes us nervous, but avoid gripping on to the chair for dear life and speaking quickly. It can again say a lot about your confidence, stay clear, think carefully and speak confidently.

#3 Hand Gestures                                                                        

Interestingly, according to Jeff Thompson, interviewers will be looking at your hand gestures and movements. Biting your nails will demonstrate that you’re nervous, the hiring manager may think you have something to hide or you doubt your ability to do the job. Best-case scenario, it’s distracting.

Take a breath and compose yourself before each question, you’ll find yourself being more confident in the way you speak. If you want to avoid showing that you’re closed, don’t fold your arms, keeping yourself open shows that you’re honest and transparent.

#4 Remember to smile!

In our previous blog we gave advice on bringing your personal qualities to life on your CV. This is the time to reveal a little about yourself. Smiling is infectious. Smiling relays happiness, authenticity and trust across culture and generations.

At relevant times, make sure you take the opportunity to flash a smile. You never know where it will take you.

Good luck!


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