How Technology has changed Recruitment

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With the advances in technology, a great deal has changed over the last decade. Industries have been majorly affected by the change; many have grown, a few have been destroyed and some have completely transformed.

From online job boards and application systems to professional networking such as LinkedIn, technology has transformed the recruitment industry and it is constantly evolving on a daily basis.

There are many new ways to apply for jobs, track applications, and technology has even changed how recruiters source and identify talent. With this in mind, the perception of many is that sourcing talent and route to market has become easier and faster – but is that really the case?

So, how has tech really changed the recruitment industry?


  1. Ease of applications

With the help of the internet, processes such as sorting CV’s and applying for jobs have now been replaced by much faster systems. Before technology and the internet took over, job listings were posted in the local newspaper or individuals physically printed and handed in their CVs to different workplaces. The increase in online job boards means that candidates seeking a new job can apply for hundreds by just uploading their CV and sending the application. It takes seconds!

There is now the ease of being able to log all required details onto a database, for example, JobAdder. This is a platform that allows recruiters to upload CVs, compliance, log interviews, and much more. Much more convenient than having piles of paper and folders stacked up in the corner of the office!

Technology is also impacting the interview process, with video interviews, such as Skype and Google Hangouts becoming increasingly popular. The rise in video interviewing allows companies to gauge cultural aptitude and attitude in record time – however, this can open up a whole ‘diversity and inclusion’ can of worms.


  1. Increase in job boards

The rise of Job boards, such as Total Jobs and LinkedIn, is making the search for CVs even easier! The ability to browse hundreds of CVs, search for specific key words, boolean strings, and with such specificity, means that recruiters can be much more targeted and strategic with the search and with market mapping. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also becoming places for recruiters to identify people. 94% of professional recruiters are on some form of the social networking site, looking to find their next perfect candidate.


  1. More than just a CV

Recruiters can now find much more information on potential candidates, such as social media presence – which has the ability to help or hinder an application! According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, allowing employers to look beyond experience and qualifications. This was never an option before the rise of technology!

Technology also allows job seekers to create a visual portfolio, highlighting more than a CV can do. This allows us to get a feel for someone’s personality, interests, and behaviors before actually meeting them, enabling them to dig deeper into whether they would be a good fit.


  1. Global reach

Technology has made it easier for recruiters to find experienced candidates anywhere in the world! Employers can now scan job boards and professional networking sites without location restrictions, allowing them to find professionals with a specific skill set that they may not be able to find locally. Happy Days!

They can now reach a more diverse, significantly larger talent pool, increasing internationalisation, diversity, competitiveness and growth of companies. Finding that needle in a haystack is more possible now, than ever before!


  1. Response

Recruiters can connect with potential candidates as soon as they have received their applications, reducing response times. Companies can set up automated status updates which notify the candidates of their application progress and create workflow visuals for the recruiter. This should improve customer experience. It’s certainly something we are driving!


  1. Increase in tech-specific recruitment

With technology becoming more prevalent within the workplace, the demand for experienced workers is increasing. It is reported that AI will create millions of more jobs than it will destroy! The greater need for highly-skilled individuals has inevitably led to more jobs that need filling, resulting in more work for recruiters!


With the help of technology, the recruitment industry is constantly expanding and changing – We have found that it is important now, more than ever to invest in technology to stay ahead of the curve.



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