Why top Talent Leaders aren’t applying to your job adverts?

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Picture this: Your job advert is inundated with applicants, hitting one-hundred CVs a day. Yet even after meticulously sifting through each one, you find yourself still wondering who to invite to interview.  

With the amount of HR and People talent currently on the market, many businesses are experiencing this exact scenario. So, where are you going wrong and how do you write a strong job advert to attract top talent? 


Why aren’t your job ads attracting applicants? 


Our recruiters are talking to a lot of growing tech companies at the moment that are trying to hire directly but struggling to identify the right level of talent. The core reason for this is that the best People & Talent leaders are usually well looked after.  

They are either really happy where they are or are too well compensated to be actively searching. Or, even if they did want to move roles, they are too busy to dedicate time to a job search. 

With many talent teams downsizing this year, Talent Leaders are incredibly busy. They’re the driving force behind shaping company culture, devising innovative talent acquisition strategies, and implementing comprehensive employee development programs. 


How can start-ups attract top talent? 


Start-ups and scale-ups are likely to be feeling the pressure even more than most. With so much uncertainty recently, Talent Leaders are looking for stability in their next role. A risky start-up role might not be what they’re looking for. 

So, how can start-ups resolve this issue and ensure they’re always attracting top talent to their job adverts? 


Sell your Founder Story 


To attract Talent and People Leaders to your growing business, we highly recommend taking the time to craft your Founder Story. 

The key to recruiting into start-ups often requires you to tune into your vision and your “why” early and often as you grow. When our recruitment consultants partner with employers, we focus on getting under your skin and learning what drives your business forward in order to attract candidates. 

Storytelling is innately enticing to humans. It generates more interest, prompts deeper connections, and is extremely persuasive. The leadership ethos, the mission, the growth trajectory, the tough problems that need to be solved – these can really appeal to your candidates and encourage them apply to your job adverts. 


Include salary information 


Transparency around the pay and benefits package on offer will ensure that respondents to your job advert are genuinely interested in the role. While salary transparency can be controversial, there are many benefits to including pay information on a job advert: 

  • Save time by only interviewing candidates who can accept your offer. Salary is a key deciding factor for the majority of candidates. If you cannot afford what they’re searching for, they’re unlikely to accept at offer stage. 
  • Improve your employer-value proposition. Research from job board, Reed, shows that “48% said the lack of salary has a negative impact on the way they view a company.” 


Work with a specialist recruitment agency 


If you’re struggling with writing your advert, it might be time to contact a specialist recruitment agency. 

Having written hundreds of job descriptions and adverts, recruiters know exactly how to find and attract your desired candidates. Get in touch with Seekhr to start working with our expert consultants on your role today. 


Partner with us for your People and Talent recruitment needs 


At Seekhr, we work with progressive, hyper-growth organisations to seek out the very best HR and People talent. 

We’re actively building strong networks of HR professionals who are re-defining the People function and connecting them with our client base of heavy hitting CEOs and Founders. Start working with us today for the best recruitment experience you’ve ever had. 

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